Blue Nose Brown

Chocolate roastiness from brown and chocolate malt, lightly hopped.

Cutter Wit (No Longer Available)

Light-bodied and malty with definite citrus from orange peel and coriander.

Devil Dog Stout

Devil Dog Stout

Medium-bodied, black and highly hopped, coffee, roastiness, spicy rye note on the finish.

Do Little IPA

Doolittle IPA (No Longer Available)

Aggressively hopped but not bitter, hops are there for flavor and aroma, slightly malty.


Helo Hefe

A pale hazy, refreshing German wheat beer with high carbonation, dry finish, and a distinctive banana-and clove character from fermentation.

Howitzer Amber

IVY 100 Howitzer Amber Anniversary Ale

An American Amber with dominating malt character. Spicy, noble hops finish this one.

SGT. Pils

SGT Pils (Currently TDY)

Pre-Prohibition style, clean and crisp, light malt with good hop balance.

Twin Tail taproom

Twin Tale IPA

Twin Tail is a hop forward beer.